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Find My Profession Reviews are unique for each consumer. Results vary and Find My Profession cannot guarantee a pay raise, promotion, or any other benefit as a result of using our services.

Find My Profession has collected more than 100 5-star reviews from satisfied clients across a variety of third-party review platforms such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and more!

5-Star Trustpilot Reviews

Find My Profession uses sites like Trustpilot to collect and moderate reviews. Trustpilot is a top-rated third-party review platform with literally millions of reviews. Find My Profession at the time of writing this was ranked by Trustpilot as #1 in their Career Coach category and #1 in their Resume Writing category. Take a look at some of our 5-star reviews below.

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5-Star Sitejabber Reviews

Find My Profession’s Reviews from Sitejabber come in all forms. Whether it’s a story like the one below from “Melissa J.” where she originally was not 100% satisfied with our services and we were able to win her over with our outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction, or a story like the one from “Matt H.” where he mentions “The new resume absolutely helped me properly display my background and experience and land my dream job.”

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LinkedIn Reviews on Find My Profession's CEO

Not only are Find My Profession reviews top-notch. But employee/owner reviews are also outstanding. Below is 50+ recommendations personally written about Mike Podesto – CEO/Founder of Find My Profession, Inc. With more than 50 professionals publicly boasting their positive experiences working with or interacting with Mike, these reviews speak for themselves.

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More Find My Profession Reviews

We have hand selected some of our very favorite Find My Profession reviews. The reviews from Robert Gonzales and Michael Keenan are referring to our professionally managed job search service (Career Finder). The review from Ronald Carter is in regards to our Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter package. Robert and Michael happily accepted new employment opportunities while using Find My Profession’s services.


Cares About What Is Important...

My experience with Find My Profession has been second to none. Throughout my career, I have used other resume writing services, none like FMP. After spending hundreds of dollars with other service providers and not getting a sniff at companies I applied with, I decided to invest in a full FMP package. Within a few weeks of working with FMP, I was getting interviews. Mike Podesto and his extraordinary team take the time to…

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Michael K.

I lost my job about a month ago

I lost my job about a month ago. As horrifying as that was, Find My Profession helped me get back on my feet. Today I am pleased to say that with the help of Find My Profession I received a job offer with an amazing company making more money than I did with my previous job. The best part about Find My Profession is that through their actions they let me know that I wasn’t alone. They made it easy to apply for jobs and coached me every step of the way. They truly cared. And for that I am very grateful.

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Ronald C.

Excellent Work by a Serious Team..

Mike and Lindsay from the Find My Profession team were excellent in building my resume and LinkedIn profile. With all the changes to my resumes as well as my years of experience, Mike and Lindsay rose to the occasion. Well done!!! I would encourage anyone looking to upgrade their resume and professional image to use this team of professionals.

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Sasha Tissot Reviews Find My Profession

Find My Profession was lucky enough to work with Sasha Tissot who is an impressive leader in the Healthcare industry. Sasha received above average results after using our Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter service. Landing 13 interviews across 8 different organizations and netting a $40,000 pay raise, Sasha came out with a great return on his investment. As always, keep in mind that these sorts of results are not typical and not guaranteed by Find My Profession.

Find My Profession Employee Reviews

Find My Profession takes reviews seriously and as a result, you can guarantee that our employees are sharing their experiences just like our customers do. While client reviews are important, unhappy employees typically results in unhappy clients. It’s important that the FindMyProfession culture is appealing to everyone and that starts internally.

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FindMyProfession Reviews Continued...

Are you a client, employee, or partner of Find My Profession? Do you have an experience that you’d like to share with the world? We’d love your comments. Please submit your comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Reviews of all kind are welcome and encouraged.  

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